Great Read and Great for Discussions!  March 10, 2015
By Vicki Whiting — Editor, Kid Scoop
I highly recommend this book for young adults, their families and youth organizations. It raises several important topics that need discussing today - freedom of the press, school social issues, family relationships, religion and yes, the "sex decision." Families can be assured that the handling of this topic is appropriate. And, with all of "food for thought," the book is a GREAT READ. The characters are engaging, the pacing is wonderful and the plot holds enough mystery to keep you turning the pages.

After reading this book boys and girls will have a better understanding of each other    February 27, 2015
By Alan Cook – author of 17 novels for teens and adults
This is a young adult novel with meaty content that is relevant to all high school students. The title refers to the decision Janine has to make about whether to have sex with her boyfriend. Other important issues, such as teen pregnancy, are explored in depth, since Janine, editor of her high school newspaper, wants to publish important stories and not just sports and social stuff. It helps that her grandmother was a pioneer female reporter in the fifties. After reading this book boys and girls will have a better understanding of each other, but there's also plenty of drama to keep the reader turning the pages.

Great read for teens   March 4, 2015
By Barbara Levitt – Newspaper in Education
Excellent and informational novel. Story makes you stay with the book in a "can't put it down way"! Much info and background material about important decisions in teen relationships and important issues. Love the journalism history and setting of a high school newspaper.

An excellent, thought-provoking book for young adults who are faced everyday with tough decisions April 14, 2015
By Ruth Ann O'Keefe
I had planned to write a review of "The Sex Decision," but first read the three reviews already posted--and have decided that my own review/comments could be most helpful by applauding and agreeing with these three reviews (by Alan, Vicki and Barbara). I also found the book to be highly worthwhile, highly readable and a great resource for young adults, teens and their families. The author deals with delicate--indeed, controversial--topics in an appropriate, engaging and thought-provoking way. This is a book every teen/young adult would find useful as well as entertaining.

A page-turner April 22, 2015
By Carole Silva
This is a beautifully crafted, believable story, so well researched about the laws, policies, and statues for high school newspapers. The flow of the story keeps the reader turning pages. I particularly enjoyed how Ellen brought in the grandmother and elder living conditions so prevalent these days. The two main issues of abortion and women 'breaking' into journalism during a masculine era were delicately handled. As I read, I was pulled into the families and I wanted all my friends to read it.




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Writer's Digest Judge, 23rd Annual Self-Published Book Awards re The Sex Decision:  Rated highest-number (5) on story, characters, style, pacing, plot:   "The story is so good, so layered . . . opens well with a description of the characters' statuses in the social strata of their school.  Author has done a good job of showing us who they are, and where they stand via their accomplishments and interests, without being simplistic.  Well done.  Author excels at showing how Janine interprets Hal's actions and words to suit the fantasy she has of him, adding too much meaning to the things he does, which readers will relate to.  It's an excellent handling of how an innocent and hopeful young person can talk themselves deeply into a bad relationship. Very well done.  

 Musical Women Marines - The Marine Corps Women's Reserve Band in World War II 

By Rita Ellen Stone and Bonnie Smallwood Medin

2015 edition

The amazing history of a unique group of young women who left families and friends to join the Marines and "free a Marine to fight!"