Ellen uses the pen name Ellen Piano to distinguish her fiction from her non-fiction writing.  She writes non-fiction under her original given name, Rita Ellen Stone. 

The Sex Decision is a young-adult novel by Ellen Piano.  When her popular athlete boyfriend pressures her for sex, Janine must make a decision that could affect her whole life!

Musical Women Marines - The Marine Corps Women's Reserve Band in World War II  is a history of a unique group of women who formed the only all-female Marine Corps band in the history of the Corps.  It was written by Rita Ellen Stone, originally published in 1981, then updated and re-issued in 2015.

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At age 20, Ellen made her first sale, a series of 10 feature stories about her summer adventure in Europe, to a metropolitan newspaper.  This ignited her passion for publishing.  She went on to sell more features, write teaching guides, plus work full-time in marketing for Random House, two community daily newspapers and The New York Times.  She lives in Connecticut with her husband, a retired journalist, plays a little jazz piano, and feeds the neighborhood cat affectionately named Killer.